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Friday, February 17, 2012

Basic Review, Moonshine and Stress

Class Wednesday night was a fast one. Mr. Shado came in with packets of paper labeled BASIC REVIEW QUESTIONS (which I took to mean, "You should all know this by now") and sent us home to do them ourselves. I walked out with All-American and Jiffy and our conversation went something like this:

AA: "Wow. The sun. I can't believe we can see the sun. I don't know what to do with myself."
Me: "Well, I'm going home to eat dinner with my family for once."
Jiffy: "Is that an invitation?"
Me: "Sure! We're having stuffed chicken and it's going to be delicious."
Jiffy: "Well, no work tomorrow and no school tonight and I've got a gallon of moonshine in my car."
Me: "Party hard, huh?"
Jiffy: "Well, there's I'm having a great time drunk and then there's puking on a cop car drunk, and I don't want to go back there. Cops don't like it when you puke on their cars."

So we all went our separate ways and I got to do my BASIC REVIEW QUESTIONS in the comfy chair in my living room. It was open-book, but I attempted all the questions by myself first and the results weren't too promising. I would have gotten a C (and barely a C at that).

SciFi (she's my BFF at work) gave me some girl scout cookies on Thursday that I took to class for everyone to enjoy. All-American accused me of trying to bribe my way to an A, which just encouraged Mr. Shado to go on and on about how he knew I would get an A because I did the work and always wrote stuff down in my notebook (apparently, not many other people take actual notes in the class). And since Mr. Shado reminds me more and more of my own papa, I want to make him proud of me. So the pressure is seriously on, yo.

I dreamed last night. I don't remember exactly what it was about, but I know it had something to do with electronics and tests and class. According to ThatGuy, I've been grinding my teeth at night which attests to the added stress I'm under. And I'm not the only one in the family with added stress. ThatGuy's company just got acquired (very stressful in terms of job security, but everything went well), Nanook's waiting to hear if she got into a very exclusive program at Emory University (she'll find out mid-March), and Rain has a speaking part in her school's Black History Month musical next Thursday (she's a little nervous) and she's also waiting to hear about whether or not she got into the school's gifted program. (SugarFoot is the only one who's not pulling his hair out and I'm convinced it's because he lives in the blissful world of three year olds. Plus, he's been out with his grandparents for the past week so I'm confident his every whim has been lushly fulfilled).

Plus, I think mommas in general try to take on a little piece of everyone else's stress to add to their own. It's like we have to do everything--have our hands in everyone's pies to make sure they all taste good enough. And if they don't taste good enough, mommas try to take some of the blame for that too. I'm not surprised that all the stress has run over into my dreams. Rain went to my parents' last night and SugarFoot is still with his grandparents, so this weekend is a good opportunity for restful recuperation. I intend to catch up with my knit girls and work on a lace shawl for at least a few hours tonight. And then back to the electronics tomorrow.

Jiffy didn't show up on Thursday night so I texted him after class to see if he was alive or if the moonshine did him in. His response was just that he was sick and throwing up, which I took to mean the moonshine did him in. At least we know he's alive.

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