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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Conversations in class

Me: “Hey All-American – whatcha reading?”
All-American: “The Proto Industrial Tools Catalog, a/k/a AWESOME.”

Jiffy: “What’s your favorite time of day?”
Me: “Well, it used to be 5:00 but then I had to start coming here. What’s yours?”
Jiffy: “12:51 because it’s a mirror of itself.”
Me: “Seriously? THAT’S the reason it’s your favorite time of day?”
Jiffy: “Yeah – that’s cool.”

Boom Box: “Yeah, my uncle has the old pure nitrous oxide. Not that crap they make now. He’s got the illegal stuff and a big huge tank of it.”
Jiffy: “Man, I’m jealous. I wish my uncles were cool like that. One’s a rocket scientist and the other’s a naval officer.”

Mr. Shado: “Women want to know why guys do things. Men don’t really care, but women do care. They want to know why because they care. Isn’t that right, Holly?”
Me: “I just want to know why you didn’t do it the way I told you to do it the first time.”
Mr. Shado: “Well, there is that, I guess.”
Sleepy: “You need to keep record of when you’re right so you can rub it in her face later.”
Mr. Shado (married for 45 years): “No, no… no… um… I don’t think that’s a good idea… no.”
Pitbull (married for 9 years): “Boy, he’s got a lot to learn.”
Me: “Indeed he does.”

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